About Starlings Artisan Food

My biscotti journey began with a passion for the Mediterranean and the flavours that Mediterranean baking offers. Having spent many years working in the food industry I have now decided to focus my experience and passion into developing my own take on the understated Italian biscotti.

Over the last couple of years I have dedicated my time to refining our baking process and balancing these delicate flavours in order to produce our delicious snacks. The journey has taken me from baking in my kitchen at home to working with a large family run BRC accredited bakery in Kent. We are now excited to offer a truly innovational range of both sweet and savoury biscotti with new gluten free flavours launching soon.

What are biscotti?
A The name ‘Biscotti’ is derived from the medieval Latin word ‘biscoctus’ meaning twice baked and is a general term for biscuits that undergo the process of double baking. Biscotti date back to the days of Ancient Rome. They were an ideal food for the Roman Legion due to their dry texture and longevity. Modern biscotti recipes have undergone many adaptations in order to produce a shorter, crisper texture and sweeter taste – more kindly to the palate.

Are they different to cantucci?
A Cantucci or cantuccini originate from Tuscany and are a form of biscotti (twice baked) but they always contain almonds.

What makes our biscotti different from the rest?
A We have spent many hours trialling different recipes in order to produce a biscotti that has exciting flavour combinations, an appealing texture and is accessible to all – including the non dunkers! Our biscotti fulfil all of those criteria. We are very selective in the ingredients that we use, looking to avoid any artificial additives where possible and aiming for the highest quality. Our products also stand out from the crowd for their versatility. They can be used in a wide range of recipes from canapes, soups and starters to cheese/charcuterie boards and desserts – a perfect gift when entertaining.