Great Flavours

Our new and exciting flavours include choice combinations such as Cherry & Coconut and Toffee & Apple for those with a sweet tooth or Chilli, Garlic & Herb and Beetroot & Fennel for those with a savoury preference.

We have taken the traditional biscotti and improved upon it!

Welcome to Starlings Artisan Food. We offer a superb range of sweet and savoury biscotti that are suitable for every occasion. They are not only perfect as an indulgent snack but are an ideal accompaniment to an extensive range of savoury dishes and delightful desserts.

Quality Ingredients

Our biscotti are baked with the finest quality ingredients to provide optimum taste and texture. We use freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese as a base to our savoury biscuits, all of our eggs are free range and our Chorizo has been carefully selected to be free of artificial additives.




These golden parmesan biscuits, packed with vibrant mediterranean flavours are a store cupboard necessity. Savoury Biscotti will complement any tapas plate or mezze board. They can provide an appetising garnish to soup and salads and are a stunning addition when served with cheese, charcuterie, pate, dipping oils… The possibilities are endless!

They can also be blitzed to form a delicate crumb mix that can augment your pasta dish, coat goujons of fish and chicken or be scattered over gratinated vegetables.



These versatile biscuits are a perfect indulgence when coupled with a creamy hot chocolate or rich aromatic coffee. But why stop there? Our newly launched range of biscotti have been developed to appeal to all – not just dunkers! The touch of butter added to our recipes provides them a delicious crisp and crunchy texture that makes them perfect for dessert pairing.

Why not enjoy them with a delectable parfait, luxurious mousse or smooth satisfying creme brûlée..


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Beetroot & Fennel

Chorizo, Tomato & Bell Pepper

Chilli, Garlic & Herb

Tomato & Olive

Cherry & Coconut

Triple Chocolate

Almond & Pistachio

Toffee & Apple

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